Friendly Cocoa Mix

I love cocoa mix in my coffee and hot milk. I love to add them together for a homemade mocha. But the price does not matter so much unless you are buying the fancy kind you like, and doubly so if you buy the no sugar varieties. Recently, I discovered a sweetener called Swerve. Here are a few links on Swerve…

Swerve on the

Swerve on the UK

Swerve Sweet US site

However, I found it at my local Jewel store in the chicago suburbs and it is a bit pricey but hey… I actually like it.

Hot Cocoa Mix

3 measures cocoa powder
1/2 measure cinnamon
4 measures Swerve sweetener
Mix in a jar for use and storage.

Add as you like to coffee and hot milk.

Before you try this please take note:

Swerve is 50-80% as sweet as sugar. It is wonderful if you are getting used to less sweet things. If your mocha or hot cocoa is not sweet enough to your liking you may need to add a packet of your favorite sweetener to your mug. PERFECT!!

ENJOY YOUR COCOA!!!!! Make it and give as a gift in a decorative jar. Or you can be greedy and keep it to yourself.

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