Not a Condiment

The topic of condiments is interesting. We all grew up with them on the table to choose from to fix or enhance our foods. I was very aware when I was young and watched my mom and aunts and grandma while they worked in the kitchen. When I got older it’s like I knew what I was doing already. They would always ask me when they saw me.. “Can you cook yet?” or “Can you do things to help your mom?” I always said yes or tell them what I did lately to help. Their generation did EVERYTHING and made sure that we could do things too.

I watched them with how they wiped the kitchen table carefully back and forth so that crumbs and food did not fall on the floor and made it to their hand then the garbage. I watched how they washed dishes with really hot hot water with all the steam and not burn themselves. I always did what they asked to help as well. When I was 10 yrs old I was doing laundry, washing dishes and picking up the house to help my mom who worked nights. Kids these days don’t do much.

Back to the kitchen….. The favorite condiments were ketchup, salt, pepper, relish, jams, so on and so forth. But there was something I noticed as well that I wondered about and notice still to this day. Why do we treat healthy things like tomatoes, onions, garlic, greens, and many other things like condiments when they should be a main course???

assorted fruits stall
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Even now in my household I have to change my mindset when making food. If I am slicing a tomato I remind myself to get that whole thing eaten and not just one slice. Does anyone else have these issues and wonder about the same things I do?

Vegetables are not condiments. Neither are fruit. I realize these things are expensive to buy… but…. Oh thats another thing… Why is it so expensive to eat the right healthy foods? Why? This is why I think people go to fast food like the dollar menu and such because they can get a fries or hamburger for less than paying for a couple oranges or a bag of greens. These are just my thoughts….

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