A Guilty Pleasure ~Things I Tell Myself Every Day!~

A real guilty pleasure for me is pizza. Don’t get me wrong, I can make healthy pizza crust and homemade sauce.. the whole shebang but….. a single serving pizza Home Run Inn pizza is my absolute favorite ever! Being in the Chicago area spoils me with pizza and I have to turn a blind eye now. But every once in a while I will get ONE serving and eat it slowly. The buttery crust and lovely sauce…. it is easily my favorite food.

I accidentally overbaked it this time… grrrrr. But it still tasted amazing!

This leads me to my next topic of discussion.

√ Things I Tell Myself Every Day

1. No, I cannot have any cake.
2. No, I cannot have that bread… oh ok ONE slice.
3. One serving of bread is ONE slice and ONE is ok not 2.
4. Have some protein with that.
5. DO NOT put that sugar in my coffee. I grab the sweetener then.
6. Have pizza only once every couple of weeks and eat ONE serving.
7. What veggies am I eating today?
8. I am getting more beautiful every day, just look.
9. I am mastering this diabetes.
10. Yes, I can eat that (whatever it is) but only one modest serving. If it’s loaded with sugar then have a dainty serving.
11. Eat beautiful delicious foods like the princess that I am. I am worth it.
12. Diabetes does not beat me. I beat it.

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 This looks yummy. I might try it!


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